AMAZING This Sculptures are Made by CHAINSAW [+ Video of how it as made]

Artist of life

The world is full of innovative people. For some ideas, you heard and for some, you did not. These masters are not just ordinary loggers, they are also artists of life. They make their effort to show the world that it is possible to make a beautiful sculpture with a chainsaw from an ordinary tree trunk. At first, we were surprised when we encountered a video explaining how it is possible to make a sculpture of wood, and then with the help of Google and Youtube, we came across more astonishing sculptures.

Lion sculpture made by chainsaw

In the next video, you will see one for example how with a chainsaw you can be an artist of life. This master uses his chainsaw to make Eagle

But there is no end, in the following photos you will see many other ideas and artists, including Frog



And Wolf

And Oak nut

And small pig for children

And Owl

Pinecone Sculpture is up next