Pinty 18″ Heavy Duty Gas-Powered Chainsaw w/2-stroke Engine EPA Approved (56.5 cc)

$169.99 (as of April 13, 2018, 1:55 pm)


If you read our report for Pinty (51.5 cc) then you will essentially have a clear picture of how these chainsaw looks and works. There are essentially no major differences, and the main difference is in the specification that will be presented in detail in the tables and subheadings

Like Pinty (51.5 cc), Pinty (56.5cc) is a lightweight, powerful, reliable and easy to use chainsaw that is ready to operate in the most difficult conditions. This chainsaw boasts a pitch of 3/8 “, and a gauge of 0.05”. In accordance with the strictest environmental protection regulations, this chainsaw meets all the requirements and regulations and is therefore considered to be environmentally friendly.

This 18 in. Chainsaw features an inertia-activated chain brake for safety, which stops the rotation of the chain if kickback occurs, while the automatic bar chain oil feed system keeps your chain lubricated for smooth performance.

Pinty (51.5 cc) key features

Power: 2.5kw

Engine displacement: 56.5 cc

Chain & Bar: 18″

Pitch & Gauge of Chain: 3/8″,0.05″

Max. Speed: 10500±500 rpm

Specifications comparison

Currently, two Pinty chainsaws are available on the market. The following table shows a detailed comparison according to the specifications of three chainsaws: Pinty (56.5 cc), Blue Max 8901 and Husqvarna 460 Rancher. All three chainsaw are gas-powered

Pinty (56.5 cc) Blue Max 8901 Husqvarna 460 Rancher
Power Source Gas Powered Gas Powered Gas Powered
Motor Engine 46cc, 2-Cycle 45CC, 2-Cycle 60.3cc, 2-Cycle
Bar & Chain 18″ 14″ 20″
Pitch 3/8″ .3/8″ LP .325″
Oiler Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Auto/Manual
Weight 17.6 lb. lbs 18.19 lbs 12.79 lbs



There are almost no major differences in price between Pinty (51.5 cc) and Pinty (56.5 cc). We are still standing behind that at this price you will not find a better chainsaw on the market. Right now the Amazon price is $ 149.99. In any case, we will regularly update the price you see at the beginning of the page

Pinty (56.5 cc) Specifications

Engine displacement: 56.5 cc
Power: 2.5kw
Torque: 2.85N.m
Max. Speed: 10500±500 rpm
Idle speed: 2700 – 3400 rpm
Clutch engagement speed: 4460 rpm
Fuel tank: 0.70L (23.6 oz.)
Oil tank: 0.24L (8.1 oz.)
Chain & Bar: 18″
Pitch & Gauge of Chain: 0.325″, 0.058″
Weight: 17.6 lb.


This two chainsaws are in every way totally indentic, so they did not bypass the design. Pinty (56.5 cc) is also easy to use with a design adapted to make it possible to operate in the most severe operating conditions


Pinty (56.5) is a world-wide chainsaw built with the environmentally friendly parameters, to protection of users of chainsaw and built-in parts

Anti-vibe handle features extremely low vibration to help reduce fatigue.

Snap-lock cylinder cover provides easy access to the air filter; quick-release air filter for easy replacement; spark plug ensures simple routine maintenance.

51.5 cc pro-grade, double-cylinder, 2-stroke engine provides 10500±500 rpm max speed, easy ignition without no load speed.

Adjustable auto chain oiler keeps bar well lubricated for optimal cutting speeds

Eco-boost engine ensures lower emissions, increased power and reduced fuel consumption; quick-start electronic ignition system for easy start-ups.

Pinty (51.5 cc) in action [Video]